Modding Conversion Guideline

Targetgame and supportsMultiplayer

To avoid unecessary errors in the log, it is a good idea to add these two lines to your mod.lua file, below the “scripts” table.

It should look something like this. The supportsMultiplayer variable will determine if the mod is visible in the select mod screen when opening a multiplayer game. If your mod is not multiplayer compatible, please set this to false. If it is multiplayer compatible, set the value to true. The targetGame variable specifies which game the mod is intended for (season 1 or season 2). Most likely you will want to set this to “WRS-S2”.


If you feel like some of your ropeways or vehicles are lost during the conversion from savegames to season 2 (even if you have installed all the mods necessary), you can do the following: You have to know the old name of the savegame (from season 1) and the new one (if you want to use the vehicle/ropeway in season 2). Then you need to follow these steps. Look for the code snippet ModLoader.Content(… and change in the line above

  • For ropeways - RopewayManager:registerRopewayFallback(“workshop.<alteWorkshopId>.dein_alter_lifttyp”, “workshop.<neueWorkshopId>.dein_neuer_lifttyp”);
  • For FBMs - RopewayManager:registerCarrierFallback(“workshop.<alteWorkshopId>.dein_altes_fbm”, “workshop.<neueWorkshopId>.dein_neues_fbm”);
  • For supports - RopewayManager:registerSupportFallback(“workshop.<alteWorkshopId>.deine_alte_stuetze”, “workshop.<neueWorkshopId>.deine_neue_stuetze”);
  • For vehicles - VehicleManager:registerVehicleFallback(“workshop.<alteWorkshopId>.dein_altes_fahrzeug”, “workshop.<neueWorkshopId>.dein_neues_fahrzeug”);
  • For prefabs - there is no need to create a fallback if they are uploaded for season 2.

Object Information For Modders