Vehicles: Snowcat groomer

Please note that this article is work in progress, and may not currently leave you with a perfectly functioning groomer. The page will be updated rapidly with more information, please be patient!

In season 2, the groomer remains pretty much unchanged, apart from some minor additions.

That means, a groomer from season 1 will in most cases work fine in season 2 without any changes.

To make the groomer float smoother and more realistically, it is recommended to add two new objects: left and right raycastorigins

Adding the right and left raycastorigin objects

A simple way to do this is to select the existing raycastorigin object and duplicate it two times with CTRL+ D (STRG + D). You can then rename these to for example “raycastOrigin_left” and “raycastOrigin_right”


Now, move the new objects to each side as shown on the picture below:


Lastly, we will add the new objects to our script file:


As always, replace the indexes with your object names

That's it, you should be good to go!