Modding Overview

Winter Resort Simulator is equipped with a powerful modding interface, which allows you to alter and utilize default contents or to add new contents to the game.


For a list of tutorials have a look here!

Mapping and Savegame Modding

The game's ingame editor allows you to modify existing maps or create new maps while being in-game. As a consequence, every savegame is comparable to a completely new map. Of course, players are free to share savegames and maps in any way they want.

This savegame system has another advantage. The savegame's .lua file is comparable to the configuration of your newly created map. Many configuration variables of the game that can be interesting for mod maps are stored in the savegame as well. One of those examples is the weather configuration, which means you can implement custom weather patterns by modifying your savegame. It is also possible to create an economy system for custom ski resorts.

Please have a look at the page on Savegames for more details.


If we as developers talk about modding, we usually have bringing new models to the game in mind. Still, we distinguish between mapping, savegame modding and actual modding. In Winter Resort Simulator, modding will (according to this distinction) involve using the Unity Editor along with the game's modding SDK.

There are five different content types that can be added using modding (see ModLoader for more details):

  • vehicle (a new vehicle, will be available in the shop section)
  • ropeway (a new ropeway, which makes use of existing or new support and carrier objects, can be built in ingame editor)
  • support (a new ropeway support, needs to be used by a ropeway or a savegame)
  • carrier (a new ropeway carrier, needs to be used by a ropeway or a savegame)
  • directory (a new directory, will organise the shop menu)
  • prefabs (initialized using ModLoader.registerPrefab() = new objects that can be placed in ingame editor)

Additionally, you can add new scripts and classes, e.g. to add a new vehicle script, a new ropeway control system or other new classes to enhance your mod's features.

On top, it is also possible to modify existing scripts and classes (e.g. by overriding existing functions), or even to add new classes (e.g. a new global class that makes snow cannons require hydrants in their range). These mods are considered script mods.

Each mod can contain multiple content instances or content types (but does not have to). If you have multiple objects that are usually used together, you should consider creating a mod pack, i.e. one mod that contains more than just one content instance. You are free to add as many different objects per mod as you want.

It is also possible to have cross-mod references. Check out the article on cross-mod references to find out more.

Modding SDK

The game is shipped with an editor plugin for the Unity Editor, which allows you to create new mods. Please check the page on the Modding SDK for further information.

Script Documentation

Especially for vehicle modding, you will find it useful to have access to the game's source code along with some documentation of the code. In this case, please head over to our script documentation. Please note that all source codes are protected by copyright, and may only be used for the purpose of modding. Any use in other software than mods for Winter Resort Simulator is not permitted.