Uploading Mods to Steam Workshop

In this guide, we will show you how you can upload your mod to the Steam Workshop.

Before you start, please have a look at the Pre-Upload-Checklist! In case there are any log errors, we highly recommend fix the errors before uploading!

Preparing the upload

First, create a new folder named workspace within the directory Documents/MyGames/WinterResortSimulator

Now, create a new folder in the directory Documents/MyGames/WinterResortsimulator/workspace named with yourmodname. Please create one folder for each Steam Workshop item!

After that, launch Winter Resort Simulator once. Upon launching, the game will create a file named WorkshopItem.lua in your new directory. We need that file to proceed. As soon as you've arrived in the main menu, you can close the game again.


Switch back to Windows Explorer. As you can see, the game has created a file named WorkshopItem.lua inside your directory.

Next, open the WorkshopItem.lua using a suitable application (e.g. Visual Studio Code or Notepad++). Change the name to the desired name of your Steam Workshop item (always edit the text between the double quotes ( ). This name will be visible for all players in the Steam Workshop.

Also, please add a description to description (again in between of the double quotes).
Later on, if you are updating an existing mod, you can add a description of your changes to changenotes (one more time, between the double quotes).

This could look as depicted below:


It is recommended to add some tags to your mod so that players can easily find it. If you don't specify any tags, the mod will be listed as Untagged. You can choose one tag from each category (but you don't have to).

Category: Type

  • Vehicle
  • Ropeway
  • Map
  • Object
  • Script
  • Mod-Pack
  • Other Mods
  • Untagged

Category: Vehicles

  • Snowcat
  • Snowmobile
  • Snow Cannon
  • Other Vehicles

Category: Ropeways

  • Chairlift
  • Gondola
  • Aerial Tramway
  • Surface Lift
  • Other Ropeways

This could look as following:

Adding a Workshop preview image

Every mod has to have a preview image named WorkshopPreview.png inside its directory.

The image must be named WorkshopPreview.png, and it has to be a .png file.
We recommend using a resolution of 640×360. The aspect ratio should always be 16:9.
In case you are using a higher resolution, it can happen that the Steam upload fails with the error message Limit exceeded. In this case, please scale the preview image down to 640×360.

Adding the actual mod

Up to now, we have only specified how your mod will look like inside the Steam Workshop. However, we have not yet added any mod files to the directory.

Therefore, please copy the .unity3d file of your mod into your directory. (BTW: You can also add multiple files to one Steam Workshop item.)

In-game Uploading

Next, please launch the game again and go to Mod Upload.

You should already be able to see your preview picture.

Before uploading, you need to accept the Steam Workshop legal agreement.

Finally, press Upload to Workshop!\\Please check your mod name, description, tags and visibility one more time before uploading.

Your mod will now be uploaded to the Steam Workshop!
In case you face any error messages while uploading, please ask on our Community Discord server.

Congratulations, you have successfully shared your mod with the community! It can now be downloaded by all players.