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Before uploading a mod to Steam Workshop, please go through the following checklist carefully. Make sure your mod fulfills all mentioned criteria.

  1. Are you legally allowed to publish the mod (i.e. if your mod includes works of other people, do you have their permission to publish the mod?)
    1. Have you mentioned all contributors inside the mod description?
    2. Note: You do not need to ask for permission for using content from the Modding SDK or from the Script Documentation, as this permission is granted by the license terms of the SDK and the script documentation.
  2. Does your mod and all its shop items have a valid name, description and author in its mod.lua file?
  3. Are there any log errors within the lualog.txt or the Player.log (see the article on log files)? If yes, please try to fix them.
  4. In case your mod contains any scripts:
    1. Do all scripts work as intended?
    2. Does loading and saving work? (i.e. create a new savegame, test some stuff, save the game and check whether the correct state is restored after reloading the game)
  5. Are all of the previous criteria fulfilled? If yes, congratulations! You can now proceed to uploading!

In case your mod does not pass this checklist, please try to fix any issues. You can also ask members of the community on our official WRS Community discord server for support!