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Resize maps

If you are using an experimental map size (any map size other than the standard map size) it can cause issues with the snow system like an offset when grooming the slope with a snowcat. There is no guarantee that the snow system will work properly on experimental map sizes. This happens because the snow system is scaled up as well and artifacts might get more visible.

If you want to check whether you are using an experimental map size you can have a look into your log file (Where to find your log.txt –> Logfiles.)

This is how possible artifacts might appear:

Image was provided by MiKa

Open the savegame folder at Documents/My Games/WinterResortSimulator/savegames and select your “.lua” file. The best way to run the “.lua” file is with a text editor like Notepad++. The upper part of this file should look like this:

return {
	savegameName = "save-test",
	binFilename = "save-test.bin",
	saveDate = "13.03.2020 08:17:50",
	gameVersion = 200309,
	buildVersion = "V1.4.2b (Update 7b)",
	objectsConverted = true,
	saveCount = 1,
	playDuration = 40.0991003289819,
	dontLoadDefaultMap = false,
	freeplayMode = true,
	sandboxMode = false,
	terrain = {
		sizeXZ = 2457,
		sizeY = 1999,
		offsetXZ = 0,

We will only do changes in the part terrain.

	terrain = {
		sizeXZ = 2457,
		sizeY = 1999,
		offsetXZ = 0,

Please note: Resizing the map will scale the terrain. Vehicles, ropeways and objects will not get moved! Therefore we recommend to resize only new sandbox savegames.

sizeXZ = the map size in meters. Choose a value between 256 m and 5120 m.
sizeY = the maximum height of the map. Choose a value between 100 m and 4000 m.
offsetXZ = the offset from the map origin. For all sizeXZ > 2500 we recommend a offsetXZ of -0.5 * sizeXZ.

Important note: Using offsetXZ fixes some Unity Lighting bugs and avoids flickering shadows. Therefore, please always use an offsetXZ of -0.5 * sizeXZ.

According to this, a map with the size sizeXZ = 3000 should have a offsetXZ = -1500.

Have fun with the new map sizes!