SnowmakingManager implements the global snow cannon control system. All snow cannons are registered to SnowmakingManager and can be remote-controlled by script.

The table snowCannons contains all snow cannon instances and is also used for the slope map in the overview menu.

  29  SnowmakingManager                   = SnowmakingManager or {};


Is called upon initialisation of the game.

  33  function SnowmakingManager:setup()
  34      self.snowCannons                = {};
  35  end;


Is called once for each vehicle that has a SnowCannon VehicleScript attached to, when the vehicle is spawned. vehicle (table) is the vehicle instance.

  40  function SnowmakingManager:registerVehicle(vehicle)
  41      self.snowCannons[vehicle]       = true;
  42  end;


Is called once for each vehicle that is destroyed (i.e. sold, or destroyed upon closing the game). vehicle (table) again is the vehicle instance

  47  function SnowmakingManager:unregisterVehicle(vehicle)
  48      self.snowCannons[vehicle]       = nil;
  49  end;

SnowmakingManager:setGroupState(groupId, state)

Call this function to turn on/off all snow cannons in group groupId (int), depending on state (bool, true for on).

  53  function SnowmakingManager:setGroupState(groupId, state)
  54      for vehicle, _ in pairs(self.snowCannons) do
  56          -- check if this vehicle belongs to this group
  57          if vehicle.setIsCannonTurnedOn ~= nil and vehicle.snowCannonGroupId == groupId then
  59              -- yep, apply to this group
  60              vehicle:setIsCannonTurnedOn(nil, state);
  61          end;
  62      end;
  63  end;

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