ModLoader provides two interface functions that allow you to register new content in lua files of your mod.

ModLoader.registerPrefab(prefabFilename, name)

This will register the prefab named prefabFilename (string) to the ingame editor. Please make sure that you include this prefab into your asset bundle. You can also specify a custom display name name (string).

function ModLoader.registerPrefab(prefabFilename, name)

ModLoader.addContent(contentType, dataTable)

Registers some content of type contentType (string) that is described by the configuration in dataTable (table). Following contentTypes are allowed:

  • vehicle (a new vehicle)
  • ropeway (a new ropeway, which makes use of existing or new support and carrier objects)
  • support (a new ropeway support)
  • carrier (a new ropeway carrier)
  • directory (a new directory for shop menu)

Note that the name of this content is specified in dataTable.contentName (and not as an argument to this function).

function ModLoader.addContent(contentType, dataTable)

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