FuelStationTrigger is a static counterpart of FuelTank, which is required to refuel vehicles.

  24  FuelStationTrigger                  = FuelStationTrigger or {};


Initializes a new FuelStationTrigger. We do not create any instance, which makes it a rather convenient and performance-saving object.

This will usually be called by the object's onCreate Component.

  29  function FuelStationTrigger.onCreate(id)
  30      Trigger.addTrigger(id,
  31          function(otherId) FuelStationTrigger.setMayRefuel(otherId, true); end,
  32          function(otherId) FuelStationTrigger.setMayRefuel(otherId, false); end,
  33          -- react to rigid bodies only
  34          false,
  35          true
  36      );
  38      -- no lua instance created => no need to care about destroy listeners
  39  end;

FuelStationTrigger.setMayRefuel(otherId, state)

Checks whether otherId (int) actually is a vehicle, and if yes, calls FuelTank:setIsFuelStationInRange using the specified state (bool).

  42  function FuelStationTrigger.setMayRefuel(otherId, state)
  43      local vehicle                   = VehicleManager.vehicles[otherId or 0];
  45      if vehicle ~= nil and vehicle.setIsFuelStationInRange ~= nil then
  46          vehicle:setIsFuelStationInRange(state or false);
  47      end;
  48  end;

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