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10 Tips for Success

1. Price

The price is crucial! Always make sure that your ticket price is fair, so that your guests are satisfied. Sometimes it pays off to adjust the price every day to the current weather conditions.

Make sure your guests' satisfaction (= the total rating) is always better than 80 %. Only this way, you will be able to attract new guests. Any value below 80 % indicates that you are losing customers every day.

2. Protect your valley from avalanches!

Keep your resort safe from avalanches! Your fellow citizens will thank you and support you in monetary terms.

3. Utilise loans

Take out loans! These are a valuable start-up support and can help you to achieve fast growth.

4. Make a profit!

Earn a profit every day! This way, you can quickly invest more or take out higher loans.

5. It's all about what you offer

Think about your offer! Open only those facilities and slopes that you need for the current weather conditions, so that no waiting times arise. Take advantage of the B, C and D ropeway spacings and send only as many carriers onto the track as you actually need. Adjust the speed of your tracks again and again - you will save a lot of costs!

6. Work distribution

Distribute the work over several days! You don't have to re-groom the slopes every day, especially at the beginning. Don't worry about them until they are worn out.

7. Grooming slopes

Prepare the slopes as early as possible after the resort has closed! Freshly groomed slopes freeze over the night and last much longer the next day than if you prepare them in the morning.

8. Don't forget about the weather

Keep an eye on the weather! When there is snowfall at night, hard slopes are covered by a blanket of snow, which will quickly form bumps after a few ski tracks. Sometimes it can be useful to groom intensely worn slopes at lunch time.

9. Keep some reserves

Always keep enough money aside! If you have too little money, you can no longer cover your running costs - then your ropeways cannot continue operating!

10. Have fun!

Lastly and most important: Do whatever you enjoy. We hope you have fun playing!