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Ingame text box commands

The ingame chat box allows you to control the game by certain commands. The text box is also used for chatting in multiplayer mode. It is a fast and easy way to edit your game according to your wishes. Press the T Button on your keyboard to open the text box. You can edit money, slopes, snow, ropeways and more with this method. It will replace the Ingame Lua Editor and is more easy to use. Type in /help to get a list of all available commands. Use the clearChat command to clear the text chat.

List of Commands

All available commands and their functions are listed and explained below.

Basic Commands

Display game version

Displays the current game version you are using.

Generate, Reset Minimap

If you are editing your own terrain in edit mode, you can regenerate a minimap for your savegame.


Resets your minimap. Try re-starting your game after using the command.

Reset Slopemap

Resets your slopemap. Try re-starting your game after using the command.

Reload Vehicle

If you get stuck, or you lose your vehicle you can always reset your vehicle. It can then be found at the shop area.

Set Home

Sets the spawning position to the current player position.


Walk and Fly

Allows you to move freely in every axis. Also works in multiplayer mode.


Stops the flying command and sets you back on the ground.


Set daytime
/setDaytime 8.5

Use this command to set the daytime to a desired time. Type 8.5 to set the time to 8:30. If you want to set it to 11PM type in 23.

Set latitude
/setLatitude 10

Change the latitude to any value between -90 and + 90 degrees. It will affect the maximum latitude of the sun ingame.

Get weather

Returns the currently active weather.

Get Weather Situations

Returns all the possible weather situations in the game.

Set weather
/setWeather snowy1

Set weather to the weather situation snowy1. Use /getWeatherSituations to find out which weather situations are available in your savegame.

Snow System Overrides

The following commands allow you to partially overwrite the snow system.

Add snow
/addSnow 0.5

Adds up to 0.5 meters in snow height. The value will be scaled according to snowing info layer.

Melt snow
/meltSnow 0.5

Melts 0.5 meters in snow height. You can also use this together with high values to remove all the snow on your map.

Harden Slopes
/hardenSlopes 1

This command speeds up the hardening of slopes. Slopes will become immediately become froze and do not wear out as fast as otherwise.

Groom Slopes
/groomSlopes infolayer name

Use this command to groom your slopes ingame. But you need to know which infolayer your slope you want to automatically groom is based on and place it after the command for infolayer name.

Add Slope Usage
/addSlopeUsage x y

This command adds usage to your slopes. Choose a infolayer for x, then add a value between 0 and 100 for y, where the first value means no usage and the second means full usage.

Change Maximum Snow Angle
/maxSnowAngle yourAngle

You can freely specify any value for yourAngle between 0 (no snow at all) and 90 (snow everywhere).

Change Minimum Snow Height
/minSnowPosY <minPosY> <transitionLength>

You can specify a Y position below which no snow will be rendered at all. Note: grooming tracks will always be rendered.

You can edit some functions regarding the eco-system by typing in the following commands in the text editor.

Add Money
/addMoney 10000

Adds € 10000 to your account balance.

Set Money
/setMoney 100000

Sets your account balance to exactly to the wished amount. In this case it is set to € 100000

Add Revenue
/addRevenue 300

Adds € 300 to your ticket sales.

Set Credit Limit
/setCreditLimit 4000

Sets credit limit to a desired height, here it is set to € 4000.

Fix Accounting

WRS employs a double-entry bookkeeping system for the eco systems (roughly the same as in real-life companies, but a bit simplified of course). Sometimes it can happen that the double-entries don't fit together, i.e. that the left hand side of the balance sheet is not the same as the right-hand side. /fixAccounting fixes any issues like this.

Clear eco system

Use this if you want to release your savegame as map. You will keep all vehicles, ropeways, slopes, etc. but the eco system will be prepared for a new player:

  • Any debts/loans will be paid back.
  • Credit limit will be set back to € 200,000
  • Accounting system will be fixed
  • The player's account balance (cash) will be set to € 150,000

We highly recommend to call this command before sharing your map. If you want your players to have more money, you can use /setMoney or /addMoney afterwards.


Rebuild and Reload
/resetRopeway ropewayname

Resets the specific ropeway. Use this command if you get stuck during a process or the ropeway has an error you can't solve.

/rebuildRopeway ropewayname

Rebuilds the ropeway when using the command.

Re-sync Ropeways (Multiplayer only)
/resyncRopeway ropewayname

Allows you to re-sync a specific ropeway in multiplayer mode with all players.


In multiplayer mode you have certain commands that will help you to manage players in your game.

Kick and ban players
/kick playername

Kicks a player from your multiplayer game. Set the name of the player for playername.

/ban playername

Bans a player permanently from your multiplayer game. Set the name of the player for playername.

/allowlist playername

Will accept this player every time he/she attempts to join again in the future.

Rename Player
/renamePlayer oldplayername newplayername

Renames a player of your choice to a preferred name. Place the name of the player you want to change for oldplayername. newplayername defines the new name of the player chosen.


Start Mission

If you want to start a new mission immediatley use this command.

Abort Mission

Cancel your current mission by using this command.


Visual Skier Amount
/overrideSkierFrequency 0.5

If you want to see more visual skiers on your slopes you can set the value to one of between 0 and 10. Skiers will then ride on all slopes and not just on the ones owned by you. Be careful: This setting can influence the game performance.