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In Winter Resort Simulator 2 you will find many vehicles to help you master the various tasks that await you in the everyday life of a ski resort. The following types of vehicles are at your disposal:

  • slope machinery
  • road vehicles
  • snowmaking

All of them offer different possibilites for using them in the game. The slope machinery includes vehicles that will help you either prepare your slopes or travel on them in the best way possible. Road vehicles are intended for transportation of both people and goods. All of them have their own advantages regarding their functionality. The third category contains snow cannons, which will help you produce snow if there is not enough on the slopes. When you purchase a new vehicle, you can find it at the so called 'shop area'. This does not apply for snowcannons, these can be placed at the desired area when purchasing.

Slope machinery

These vehicles are specially designed to groom slopes and clear snow out of the way. They are equipped with a blade, groomer and sometimes also a winch. If the slopes are uneven and bumpy, you can use a snowcat to flatten and prepare them for the next day. If you want to start preparing your slopes, steer one of the snowcats onto the desired slope and lower the groomer. The snowcat will then start to groom the slope and create perfect ski conditions for your guests. Use the winch version if the slopes are to steep for the vehicle used. You can attach the winch at so called 'anchors'. The vehicle can now climb steep slopes with greater ease and more safely. If you want to move some snow from one place to another, use the blade located at the front of the vehicle. You can lower it and start pushing snow. You can also use it for grooming difficult parts of your slope. Lower it to the ground and reverse your vehicle to groom the area behind your blade.

Another vehicle you can find in this category is the 'snowfox', which is a snowmobile. It is designed to transport people on slopes from one place to another. They are able to climb very steep parts of slopes if necessary. It offers place for two people at once.

Road vehicles

All types of road vehicles offer the possibilty to transport goods and people from one place to another. The pickup and SUV vehicles are designed for your every day travel on the roads. They offer enough space to transport a few people, as well as packages. They work best on streets and roads. The best pick for offroad trails are either the buggy or the ATV, offered in the shop. The buggy is indisputably the fastest vehicle when it comes to offroad travel. It also offers a compact trunk for smaller deliveries. You can either buy it with tires or with tracks, which allow you to climb steep hills with more ease. Larger shipments could require the use of the ATV known as the 'Vattenmask'. This tracked vehicle is able to withstand the toughest offroad conditions, due to four driven crawlers and the articulate steering mechanism. It consists of a front part and a back part. Both of them can carry a huge amount of people. The back part offers enough space for bigger transportation goods.


In this category you can find devices that allow you to produce fresh snow for your ski resort. After purchase, they can be placed wherever needed. If you want to move it around, use one of your snowcats and attach the cannon to the blade to replace. Watch out for places with little snow, and try to aim your snowcannon there. Start them to produce snow and fill up snowless patches.