Winter Resort Simulator Season 2 provides highly detailed ropeways in the game that are identical in their control to those of real ones. There are seven different ropeway types in the game, which all must be controlled in a completely different way. The following is a brief explanation of each of the ropeways and how they are controlled. For a detailed description for feeding and garaging all of the ropeways please have a look here: WRSS2 - Seilbahn Guide on Steam.


This railroad is a Funitel. In contrast to conventional gondola lifts, a Funitel has two haul ropes per direction of travel, which are arranged at a distance of 3.2 m from each other.Thanks to this large track width, the installation is particularly wind-stable and therefore excellently suited as a feeder lift and main installation of the ski area. You can customize colors with this ropeway.


The Hexenkessel lift is a modern 10-seater cable car from the Doppelmayr D-Line. Like the Salisjoch lift, it is equipped for the first time with a different ropeway control system, making operation a particular challenge.


In addition to the many detachable ropeways, Winter Resort Simulator Season 2 also features a fixed-grip 4-seater chairlift: the Höllwiesenlift.


The Kristallexpress is designed as a three-rope circulating railroad, or 3S for short. This type of ropeway represents the top class of modern ropeways. Its majestic-looking cabins glide on two suspension cables and are moved by a haul rope traveling at speeds of up to 7.5 meters per second (27 km/h).


The Sonnenbahn is the centerpiece of the Hallstein ski area, especially for families. Up to 8 passengers can sit on one chair at the same time. The high transport capacity in combination with the particularly wide slopes makes it possible to employ many additional guests with only one lift and thus effectively reduce waiting times.


The Falkeneckbahn is a chairlift. It can transport up to 6 passengers per seat and is the starting ropeway in Season 2.


By far the coziest lift is the Stubhornbahn, which is aimed at professionals throughout. With black and red slopes, it is particularly attractive for ambitious skiers. Waiting times are often spared on the longest chairlift in the area, making the Stubhornbahn ideal for repeat trips. It is the only lift in the area that is fed backwards in the morning, which makes for some interesting scenes and sights in play.