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Multiplayer Troubleshooting

The following article should help you solve some of the most common multiplayer issues.

The game is telling me it could not reach the matchmaking server

Check if you have an active internet connection. If this is the case, make sure your firewall is not blocking the game. Finally the matchmaking server could have crashed, contact support in this case so they can restart it.

I always get timeouts. What can I do?

First, check if your internet connection is stable. If your connection is too slow, it can cause a timeout.

I can't enter my friends multiplayer game. What can I do?

First, check if you can enter another multiplayer game. If you can enter other's games, your friend has to check his router settings and make sure the port used is free. Please have a look into the instructions of your router of how to use port forwarding on your specific modell. You can try the same process for yourself if you continue to have issues. Some report, that a reinstall could help as well after port forwarding.

When I create a multiplayer game as a host with a custom map, the game won't load the map to the server.

Check your map size – the maximum size is 64 MB, try make your map smaller if it is to big.

The log.txt file shows me the error 'reason 4', what does it mean?

You got timeouts during your game, the server ended the game. It could be caused by too slow internet connection, or you got no answer from the host during the process of entering a multiplayer game.

I can't enter a multiplayer game, what is wrong?

There are several causes that could lead to such an issue. Check if the game you want to enter is already full, check if it is private and needs a password and have a look at your connection. Other issues that can cause this problem are, that you either got rejected from the host, or you can't connect to the host because of a router issue. If you got kicked once, there is a possibilty you got banned and can't re-enter the same multiplayer map.

I can't see any multiplayer games in my lobby

Please make sure you have an active internet connection. There are some certain types of routers that can cause this issue too. We are working on it and will post a solution for that issue. Please send us your log.txt file on our community discord or contact the aerosoft support under!

I mistakenly banned a friend from my multiplayer game

You just clicked the ban button by mistake? No problem - head over to your WinterResortSimulator_Season2 directory (..user\Documents\My Games\WinterResortSimulator_Season2) and open the 'blockAllowList.lua' with a text editor program. Delete the name of your friend from there. If you want, you can also delete the file. Be aware, that all other blocks will disappear too.