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Game Modes

You can start your game with different modes. Each of them offer different game experiences:

  • Scenario Mode
  • Career Mode
  • Sandbox Mode

Scenario Mode

In Scenario Mode you can find various scenarios where you can interactively learn how to feed and garage all of the different ropeways. Each and every one of them has their own characteristics and must be maintenanced in different ways. Just click on one of the scenarios to start it and follow the directions shown on the screen.

Career Mode

Manage your own ski resort in Career Mode and start to make money. Keep an eye on your daily expenses, don't forget to stop your ropeways at nighttime and prepare the slopes yourself to save money. Try to keep your resort rating as high as possible. You can achieve that by having high customer ratings, good satisfaction and justifiable entrance fees. Additionaly, you have to watch your slope usage to make sure your visiters can have the best ski experience possible. In Financials you can check your earnings and losses and where you can optimize your finances.

Sandbox Mode

Sandbox Mode allows you to create your very own dream ski resort. There is an option to start an empty version of Hallstein or you can choose a flat map to design your own terrain. You can enter Edit Mode and start terrain mode to form the map, place objects and paint info layers for slopes. Don't forget to share your creations through steam workshop!